Did you know that cleaning and tuning are an essential part of your inhome comfort as well as the effeciency and longevity of your heating and cooling systems?

Benefits of a tune up:

* Keep your energy costs down
​* Reduce costly breakdowns and emergency repairs
​* Maintain warranty requirements on expensive equipment
* Maximize the longevity of your equipment
* Maximize your system's output and green energy conservation
* Help prevent and detect silent, deadly carbon monoxide leaks
* Improve indoor air quality
* Tune up special costs less than a service dispatch! 


What the furnace tune-up entails:

* Test, calibrate, and level thermostat
* Test and inspect electrical connections and components
* Inspect belts, blades, and blowers
* Test over system effeciency
​* Efficiency tune combustion process
* Check system for electrical load strain concerns
* Inspect disconnect box for proper rating & installation
* Check oil motors
* Clean motor air flow ports
* Inspect drains and pans
* Remove all debris from the units
* Inspect furnace filter, furnace blower
* Inspect ductwork/exhaust/intake piping
* Clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils
* Clean and adjust blower components

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